Crafting Your Own Above-Ground Pool Enclosure: A Comprehensive Guide to Steps and Considerations

On May 5, 2024 , updated on May 5, 2024 - 3 minutes to read

Opting for an above-ground swimming pool is a popular solution for enjoying the joys of swimming at home without the constraints of in-ground swimming pools. To keep your water at a pleasant temperature and protect your pool from debris, a shelter is an option to consider. And when you build it yourself, it can be a rewarding and cost-effective experience. This talk will go into detail about the essential steps and points to consider when considering building an above-ground pool enclosure at your home.

Building a homemade above-ground swimming pool enclosure is a project that requires a certain investment of time and energy. However, the satisfaction of seeing the outcome of your work and the savings made are well worth this effort. By carefully following the different steps presented here and taking into account the essential considerations, you will be able to make the most of your swimming pool, whatever the weather. Happy building!

Why an above ground swimming pool enclosure?

An above ground pool enclosure has many crucial benefits. It provides protection from the elements including wind, rain and fallen leaves. Additionally, it can help extend the swimming season by minimizing heat loss and retaining heat from the sun during the day. It also adds a level of security by preventing children and pets from accessing the pool without supervision.

Planning your project

Choice of material

The choice of material for your above-ground swimming pool enclosure depends on your specific needs and your budget. Commonly used materials include wood, aluminum, polycarbonate and PVC. Wood offers a natural and warm appearance, aluminum is robust and resistant, while polycarbonate and PVC are light and economical.

Developing the plan

Developing a precise plan is an essential point before starting construction. You must take into account the diameter and height of your pool, as well as the space available around it. Do not hesitate to draw several sketches to visualize the final result.

Construction of the swimming pool shelter

Here is an idea of ​​how to go about building a wooden swimming pool enclosure.

Step 1 – Preparing the land

Before starting construction, it is essential to prepare the land. Make sure the chosen location is sufficiently flat and free of any debris. It is recommended to install a solid base, such as a concrete covering, to ensure the stability of the shelter.

Step 2 – The structure

Depending on your plan, start by building the shelter structure. This step essentially involves cutting the posts and crosspieces. Use a spirit level to make sure the posts are straight. Once the structure is in place, it is recommended to treat it with an anti-parasitic product to extend its lifespan.

Step 3 – The roof

The roof of the shelter can be made of polycarbonate, glass or sheet metal panels. These materials are resistant and allow sunlight to pass through, thus maximizing the greenhouse effect which allows the water in your swimming pool to be naturally heated.

Step 4 – Installing Doors and Windows

Depending on your needs, you may consider adding doors and windows to your pool enclosure. This not only creates easy entry and exit, but also allows for better air circulation.

Step 5 – Finishes

Finally, don’t forget to treat the wood with a water-resistant varnish to protect it against bad weather and extend its lifespan. Additionally, make sure all moving parts, like doors and windows, are working properly.


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