Amazon Prime at 49 euros: How to save hundreds of euros per year?

On July 4, 2024 , updated on July 4, 2024 - 6 minutes to read

Title : Amazon Prime at 49 euros: How to save hundreds of euros per year?

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Amazon Prime benefits at 49 euros Save on delivery costs
Enjoy free delivery on millions of items
Access exclusive offers on various products
Watch thousands of movies and series in streaming

How to save hundreds of euros per year with Amazon Prime at 49 euros

Ways to save Benefits
Fast and free delivery Save on delivery costs and save time
Unlimited access to thousands of films and series Save on streaming platform subscriptions
Exclusive discounts during Prime Day Save on a wide range of products
Free and unlimited storage of your photos Save on online storage services

How to save hundreds of euros per year?

Discover Amazon Prime at just 49 euros per year can transform the way you consume and save. With a host of benefits included in this service, you can make significant savings. Here’s how to maximize this opportunity.

First of all, one of the main advantages of Amazon Prime is the free delivery within one business day on millions of articles. If you regularly shop online, shipping costs can add up quickly. Taking advantage of this fast and free delivery will save you tens, if not hundreds, of euros each year.

Then, the subscription includes access to Prime Video. This streaming service offers a vast library of films, series and exclusive content. So, you can consider canceling your subscription to other paid streaming services, which represents a considerable saving.

Amazon Prime also gives you access to Prime Music. With over two million tracks available, you can listen to music ad-free and at no extra cost. This option may exempt you from purchasing a paid music streaming service.

Another significant advantage is access to Prime Reading. This service allows you to view a wide selection of e-books for free. If you’re an avid reader, this can represent a substantial saving on book purchases.

Additionally, Prime offers exclusive promotions and discounts on a wide variety of items. During “Prime Day” or other flash sales reserved for Prime members, you can make major purchases at significantly reduced prices.

Prime subscribers also benefit from Prime Pantry, a service that allows you to purchase food and everyday consumer products at competitive prices. By comparing prices and taking advantage of free delivery, it is possible to significantly reduce your shopping budget.

Finally, with the offer of unlimited photo storage via Amazon Photos, you save on cloud storage services which can cost several tens of euros per year.

By optimizing the use of all these services included in your Amazon Prime subscription at 49 euros, you can really save hundreds of euros per year. Make sure you take full advantage of each benefit to maximize your savings.

The different Amazon Prime offers

With Amazon Prime at 49 euros, you have access to a multitude of services that can help you save hundreds of euros per year. By optimizing these offers, it is possible to maximize your benefits while reducing your expenses. Let’s see how.

First of all, one of the main advantages of Amazon Prime is the free and fast delivery on millions of articles. This not only eliminates shipping costs, but also allows you to avoid more expensive last-minute in-store purchases. Consider purchasing the items you will need in advance to take advantage of these savings.

Then there is Amazon Prime Video, which gives you access to a huge catalog of films and series. By canceling your other paid streaming subscriptions and using Prime Video only, you can reduce your monthly costs.

Amazon Prime also offers Amazon Prime Music with millions of ad-free streaming titles. Similar to Prime Video, this can allow you to remove another paid music subscription, which is another source of savings.

Let’s not forget Prime Reading, which provides access to a digital library of books, magazines and more. If you buy books often, this offer can be a real financial gain.

Amazon Photos gives you unlimited storage for your high-resolution photos. Using this service instead of paying for additional online storage can help you save a considerable amount each year.

For gamers, Prime Gaming offers free games every month as well as various additional game content. By avoiding the purchase of these same contents, you can still accumulate savings.

Amazon Prime Day and exclusive discounts throughout the year are other fantastic ways to minimize your spending. These special offers are often very attractive and can significantly affect your annual budget.

By accumulating all these benefits, Amazon Prime at 49 euros can actually turn into an investment that allows you tosave hundreds of euros per year. Make sure you take advantage of all the features to maximize your savings.

  • Free and fast delivery
  • Prime Video
  • Prime Music
  • Prime Reading
  • Amazon Photos
  • Prime Gaming
  • Prime Day and exclusive discounts

Tips for maximizing your subscription

Opt for a subscription Amazon Prime at 49 euros can save you hundreds of dollars per year if you use its many benefits wisely. To do this, there are some simple and effective tips to implement in your daily life.

First of all, take advantage of free and fast deliveries on thousands of products. No need to pay extra shipping costs or wait weeks to receive your orders. By shopping regularly on Amazon, these savings add up quickly.

Next, explore the vast library of Prime Video. Rather than multiplying subscriptions to other streaming services, take advantage of the series, films and documentaries included in your subscription. This is a great way to cut down on your entertainment expenses.

Amazon Prime members also have access to Prime Music, an ad-free music streaming service. Save on subscriptions to other music platforms while enjoying millions of songs at your fingertips.

The Amazon Prime subscription also offers exclusive discounts and flash sales. Don’t miss promotions reserved for Prime members to make purchases at advantageous prices. Days like Prime Day are ideal opportunities to score great deals.

Also think about the service Amazon Family which offers discounts on children’s items and access to a discounted diaper program. A godsend for young parents looking to save money on essential products.

Finally, use Amazon Photos to store your photos and videos online unlimited and securely, at no additional cost. This saves you from paying for other online storage services.

By following these tips, you will optimize your Amazon Prime subscription to 49 euros and easily save several hundred euros per year.