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Are you looking for a spacious van? Discover our opinion on the 9-seater Citroën Jumpy!

On July 5, 2024 , updated on July 5, 2024 - 13 minutes to read


  • THE Citroën Jumpy 9 seats is a spacious and versatile van, offering a modular and comfortable interior.
  • Featuring high-performance diesel engines for smooth, fuel-efficient driving.
  • Equipped with advanced technologies such as navigation system and the Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Modern design, enhanced safety features and a pleasant ride.
  • Ideal for families and professionals looking for comfort and practicality.

The 9-seater Citroën Jumpy is a spacious and versatile van, offering a modular and comfortable interior. Equipped with adjustable ergonomic seats and a generous loading volume, it is ideal for families or professionals looking for space and practicality. The high-performance diesel engines ensure smooth and fuel-efficient driving, while advanced technological equipment ensures comfort and safety, such as the navigation system, parking assistance and Bluetooth connectivity. With a modern design, enhanced safety features and a pleasant drive, the 9-seater Citroën Jumpy meets all expectations in terms of space, comfort and performance.

Appearance The Citroën Jumpy offers a modern and elegant design, perfect for professional or personal use.
Interior space With its 9 seats, the Citroën Jumpy offers generous space to comfortably accommodate your passengers.
Conduct The Citroën Jumpy offers smooth and pleasant driving, ideal for long journeys with family or colleagues.
Options The Citroën Jumpy is available with numerous options to personalize your vehicle according to your needs.

Why choose the 9-seater Citroën Jumpy?

  • Spacious 🚐: With its 9 seats, the Citroën Jumpy offers generous space to accommodate all your passengers in complete comfort.
  • Modular : Thanks to its removable seats, the Jumpy allows you to adapt the space according to your transport needs.
  • Comfortable : The Jumpy seats are designed to guarantee a pleasant journey for all passengers, even over long distances.
  • Economical 💰: Despite its size, the Citroën Jumpy remains an economical van in terms of fuel consumption.

Presentation of the 9-seater Citroën Jumpy

THE Citroën Jumpy 9 seats stands out for its combination of user-friendliness and expanded functionality. Designed to meet the needs of those looking for a spacious vehicle, it offers a flexible and comfortable interior.

This van is equipped with ergonomic seats arranged in three rows. These seats are not only spacious, but also adjustable, allowing passengers to find their ideal position. The loading volume is another major advantage of the Jumpy. With the rear seats folded, the van offers substantial space for transporting bulky items.

In terms of motorization, the Citroën Jumpy is available with several engine options, including the latest generation diesel engines. These engines are both powerful and economical, ensuring smooth driving and reduced fuel consumption.

The technical characteristics of the Jumpy also include advanced technologies such as:

  • On-board navigation system with touch screen
  • Driving aids such as parking assistance and cruise control
  • Bluetooth connectivity and USB for optimal connectivity

The exterior design of the Citroën Jumpy does not go unnoticed. It has a modern and robust look with fluid lines that improve aerodynamics while maintaining an attractive aesthetic. The sliding doors on the sides make access and loading easier, an undeniable asset for large families or groups of travelers.

For drivers and passengers, safety is paramount. The Jumpy is equipped with several safety systems such as front and side airbags, ABS and ESP to guarantee safe driving in all circumstances.

In summary, the Citroën Jumpy 9 seats is an ideal choice for those who need space without wanting to sacrifice comfort and safety. Whether for family trips or for professional needs, this van will undoubtedly meet all expectations.

Design and comfort

The 9-seater Citroën Jumpy is an essential choice for those looking for a spacious van while enjoying a pleasant drive. This vehicle is designed to meet the needs of large families as well as professionals needing to transport several passengers.

In terms of design, the Citroën Jumpy stands out for its modern and dynamic lines. The front of the vehicle is characterized by an imposing grille and tapered headlights, giving it a resolutely contemporary look. The interior is just as neat with quality materials, offering a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

THE comfort is undoubtedly one of the major assets of the 9-seater Citroën Jumpy. Each seat is designed to provide ergonomic seating, ensuring long journeys without discomfort. The legroom is generous, and the intelligently distributed storage spaces keep the cabin well organized.

To improve the driving experience, the Citroën Jumpy is equipped with various modern technological equipment. Among these, we find:

  • A navigation system intuitive
  • A audio system top of the line
  • Driving aids
  • A air conditioner effective
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity

When it comes to safety, this model doesn’t miss out either. It incorporates several safety features, such as airbags, stability control, and parking sensors to make maneuvering easier.

In summary, the 9-seater Citroën Jumpy stands out for its interior space generous, its modern design, and its optimal comfort. It is ideal for families or professionals wanting a reliable and versatile vehicle.

Performance and power

THE Citroën Jumpy 9 seats is an ideal solution for those who need to transport several passengers with comfort and efficiency. Its well-thought-out and versatile design makes it a popular choice for both family travel and professional use.

With its 9 seats, the Citroën Jumpy offers great flexibility. The seats are removable and modular, allowing the interior space to be adapted according to needs. This may include optimizing cargo volume or increasing the number of seats. The interior is designed to provide generous legroom and adequate storage capacities.

In terms of performance, the Jumpy is not to be outdone. Equipped with a range of efficient and fuel-efficient diesel engines, it ensures smooth and efficient journeys. The engine is capable of providing sufficient power for urban and highway travel without difficulty.

Available engines include:

  • 1.5 BlueHDi with 120 horsepower, offering a good compromise between power and fuel economy.
  • 2.0 BlueHDi with 150 horsepower, for those who require increased performance, especially for longer journeys or heavier loads.
  • 2.0 BlueHDi with 180 horsepower, for maximum power and a more dynamic driving experience.

In addition to its power, the Citroën Jumpy is remarkable for its handling and driving comfort. The power steering and quality suspensions contribute to pleasant driving even over long distances. In addition, the well soundproofed cabin ensures a calm environment conducive to conversation or relaxation.

Finally, the Jumpy is equipped with the latest technologies in terms of safety and driving assistance. There is equipment such as cruise control, lane departure warning and parking assistance. These features add a layer of safety and make everyday driving easier.

Embedded technology

The 9-seater Citroën Jumpy is distinguished by its interior space generous, ideal for large families or group travel enthusiasts. With its nine seats, it offers optimal comfort for all passengers.

This van is equipped with advanced technology to ensure a pleasant and safe drive. THE driving assistance systems include cruise control, parking assist and fatigue detection system. These features help reduce stress and increase safety during long journeys.

There connectivity is another strong point of the 9-seater Citroën Jumpy. It includes a 7-inch touch screen which allows you to manage navigation options, phone calls and music. In addition, compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto provides perfect integration with your smartphone.

In terms of modularity, the seats are removable and adjustable, allowing you to adapt the interior space according to your needs. Whether carrying bulky luggage or providing more space for passengers, you have the flexibility you need.

Performance is not to be outdone with the 9-seater Citroën Jumpy. It is available in several engines, including versions diesel and gasoline, with manual and automatic gearbox options. This allows you to choose a configuration that perfectly matches your expectations in terms of power and fuel consumption.

As for theaesthetic, the 9-seater Jumpy has a modern and elegant design. The clean lines and dynamic front give it a sturdy look while remaining attractive.

In short, the 9-seater Citroën Jumpy is an ideal option for those looking for a van combining space, comfort and cutting-edge technology.

Comparison with competing models

THE Citroën Jumpy 9 seats is distinguished by its spaciousness and his versatility. Designed to comfortably accommodate up to nine people, this van provides an enjoyable travel experience, whether for daily commutes or long-distance trips.

Compared to its competitors, the Citroën Jumpy has several notable advantages. First, its interior space is thoughtfully optimized, allowing flexible seat configurations to maximize passenger comfort or cargo space. The interior finish is also of a good standard, with robust materials that are pleasant to the touch.

Let’s now compare the Citroën Jumpy to two of its main competitors: the Volkswagen Transporter and the Ford Transit Custom.

Volkswagen Transporter:

  • The Transporter stands out for its reliability and proven reputation in the market. However, it may be less spacious inside than the Jumpy.
  • In terms of engines, the Transporter offers a varied range of engines, but some users find that its most economical versions lack power.
  • The base equipment level of the Transporter is often lower than that of some models of the Jumpy, and options can quickly increase the cost.

Ford Transit Custom:

  • The Transit Custom offers excellent handling and road behavior, comparable to more dynamic driving.
  • In terms of cargo capacity, it competes closely with the Jumpy, but some find its interior less modular and a little more rustic.
  • The Transit Custom also offers interesting technological equipment, but these can increase its final price.

Ultimately, the 9-seater Citroën Jumpy is favorably positioned thanks to its balance between space, comfort and practicality. Its modular interior and good quality finish make it a popular choice for large families and professionals.

Interior space

The 9-seater Citroën Jumpy is distinguished by its generous interior space and its ability to comfortably accommodate up to nine passengers. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the Jumpy offers an incomparable feeling of volume which will delight large families and groups of friends.

Her modular interior allows optimal flexibility of use. The rear seats are not only folding but also removable, which simplifies adjustments as needed. Whether for transporting people or bulky objects, the Jumpy easily adapts to all situations.

Compared to its competitors, the Jumpy is favorably positioned thanks to several strong points. In particular, its interior height more generous than that of certain models in the same category, offers better freedom of movement. In addition, its sliding side doors greatly facilitate access for passengers, a definite advantage during frequent journeys.

The Jumpy also offers clever compartmentalization, with numerous practical storage spaces scattered throughout the cabin. This attention to detail is marked by the presence of cup holders, compartments under the seats and multiple storage spaces, ideal for keeping a vehicle well organized during long journeys.

In terms of comparison with competing models, the Ford Tourneo Custom and the Volkswagen Transporter present themselves as solid alternatives. However, the Jumpy stands out for its Excellent value, offering high performance at a more affordable cost.

For users looking for a van offering both comfort and practicality, the 9-seater Citroën Jumpy seems to be an interesting option to consider. Its ability to adapt to various transportation needs, combined with a spacious and well-designed interior, makes it a wise choice in the large van segment.

Fuel consumption

The 9-seater Citroën Jumpy presents itself as an ideal choice for those looking for a spacious van. Featuring a well-designed interior, it can transport up to nine passengers comfortably. The seats are arranged to provide maximum legroom, ensuring a pleasant journey even over long distances. In addition, its generous trunk can accommodate an impressive volume of luggage, making it an excellent vehicle for family vacations or group trips.

When comparing the Citroën Jumpy to competing models such as the Renault Trafic or the Ford Transit Custom, several aspects deserve to be highlighted. The Citroën Jumpy stands out for its modularity. In fact, its seats can be folded or removed easily, which allows the interior space to be adapted according to needs. Unlike the Renault Trafic, which offers a more rigid configuration, the Jumpy offers appreciable flexibility. The Ford Transit Custom, on the other hand, boasts a slightly more nimble ride, but it sacrifices some interior space for that maneuverability.

In terms of fuel consumption, the 9-seater Citroën Jumpy displays quite respectable performance for a vehicle in this category. On average, it consumes between 6.5 and 7.5 liters per 100 kilometers, depending on the engine and driving conditions. This performance is partly due to the efficiency of its BlueHDi diesel engines, which combine good power with low CO2 emissions.

To optimize the fuel consumption of your Citroën Jumpy, you are advised to respect the following recommendations:

  • Maintain a constant speed on the highway.
  • Avoid sudden acceleration and late braking.
  • Check tire pressure regularly.

These simple tips can help significantly reduce your vehicle’s fuel consumption, while extending its lifespan.

Customization options

THE Citroën Jumpy 9 seats is often compared to competing models such as the Renault Trafic and the Volkswagen Transporter. These models, popular for their capabilities and flexibility, each offer specific advantages.

The Renault Trafic stands out for its interior comfort and excellent optimization of space. It also has plenty of storage options, making journeys more enjoyable. However, it does not always match the Jumpy in terms of engine power and performance on the road.

The Volkswagen Transporter, for its part, is renowned for its robustness and reliability. With a range of powerful motors and solid construction, it is a wise choice for those looking for durability and robustness. However, its higher price may deter some, whereas the Jumpy offers a more economic.

In terms ofcustomization options, the 9-seater Citroën Jumpy stands out with a multitude of available options. You can choose between different finishes, seating types and storage configurations to suit your specific needs.

It is possible to customize the following elements:

  • Type of upholstery (fabric, leather, etc.)
  • Seat configurations (removable, swivel)
  • Additional equipment (air conditioning, navigation system, driver assistance systems)

These options allow owners to define a vehicle that is perfectly suited to their needs, whether for family or business trips.

Q1. What are the dimensions of the 9-seater Citroën Jumpy?

R1. The 9-seater Citroën Jumpy measures approximately 4.95 meters in length, 1.92 meters in width and 1.90 meters in height.

Q2. What engine is offered for the 9-seater Citroën Jumpy?

R2. The 9-seater Citroën Jumpy is offered with a BlueHDi diesel engine with a power of 120 horsepower.

Q3. How much loading space is available in the 9-seater Citroën Jumpy?

R3. The 9-seater Citroën Jumpy offers a loading volume of up to 4 cubic meters.

Q4. What safety equipment is available in the 9-seater Citroën Jumpy?

R4. The 9-seater Citroën Jumpy is equipped with multiple airbags, the ESP stability control system, emergency braking assistance (AFU) and cruise control/speed limiter.