Decorating trends to adopt this year

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🎨 Color trends

This year’s decor trends highlight earthy colors such as brown, terracotta and beige, as well as dark blue, green and mustard yellow.

🌈 Pastel colors

Pastel colors continue to dominate decor trends this year, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere in your home.

🌿 Natural tones

Switching to natural decoration is a necessity to bring serenity and freshness to your interiors. Natural tones offer a soft and warm palette.

⚫️ Touches of black

This year, black is asserting itself as an essential color to add a touch of sophistication to any interior.

🌿 Trendy materials

Recycled wood, marble, metal and artisanal ceramics are among the popular materials this year for modern and warm decoration.


This year’s decor trends highlight earthy colors such as brown, terracotta and beige, as well as dark blue, green and mustard yellow. Pastel colors also remain essential to create a soothing and soft atmosphere. Natural tones, such as beige, olive green and terracotta, bring serenity and elegance to the interior. Black is a bold color that adds sophistication, while industrial metals and artisan ceramics help add a modern, unique touch. Recycled wood and ecological materials are also very popular for environmentally friendly decoration. In summary, this year’s decor is characterized by natural tones, bold pops of color and the use of authentic and sustainable materials.

🌿 Adopt indoor plants to bring freshness and life to your interior.
🖼️ Opt for minimalist photo frames and paintings for a clean style.
Integrate rattan or wicker furniture for a bohemian and natural touch.
🎨 Focus on pastel or earth colors for a soft and warm atmosphere.
💡 Favor designer and eco-responsible lighting for modern lighting.
  • Color :
  • 1. Midnight blue 🌌
  • 2. Mustard yellow 🌼
  • Materials :
  • 1. Rattan 🌿
  • 2. Marble ⚪
  • Styles:
  • 1. Minimalist 🌱
  • 2. Art deco 🎨
  • Accessories :
  • 1. Indoor plants
  • 2. Copper lighting ✨
  • 1. Midnight blue 🌌
  • 2. Mustard yellow 🌼
  • 1. Rattan 🌿
  • 2. Marble ⚪
  • 1. Minimalist 🌱
  • 2. Art deco 🎨
  • 1. Indoor plants
  • 2. Copper lighting ✨

Color trends

THE earthy colors are back in force this year. Shades like brown, terracotta and beige bring warmth and create a welcoming atmosphere. Combine them with natural materials like wood or linen for a harmonious effect.

THE dark blue also stands out as a must-have color. Used on an accent wall or decorative accessories, it adds depth and sophistication. Pair dark blue with touches of gold or richly textured textiles for an elegant look.

The nuances of Green, particularly sage green and olive green, are also gaining popularity. Perfect for introducing a touch of nature indoors, these greens combine well with rattan elements or potted plants.

THE pastel colors continue to appeal for their softness and versatility. Powder pink, sky blue or lavender are ideal for relaxing spaces like the bedroom or reading corner. Pastels can be paired with bright whites for a subtle contrast.

Finally, the mustard yellow is one of the most trendy colors. Dynamic and warm, it immediately brightens up a space. Use as touches on cushions, works of art or even accent furniture for an energizing effect.

Pastel colors

THE pastel colors continue to dominate decorating trends this year. These soft and soothing shades create a serene and inviting atmosphere in your home. Whether for walls, furniture or accessories, pastel colors bring a subtle and elegant touch.

The use of light blue in the living room or bedroom can help create a relaxing environment. THE light pink, for its part, adds a note of softness and warmth, perfect for relaxation spaces such as the bedroom or bathroom.

THE mint green is another popular pastel color, ideal for infusing a room with a fresh, natural feel. It can be used in the kitchen or office to promote an invigorating and inspiring atmosphere.

THE pale yellow is perfect for bringing a touch of light and cheerfulness. Used in dark or poorly lit rooms, it can revive the space while maintaining a calming ambiance. This delicate yellow fits easily into rooms like the living room, kitchen and even entryways.

To integrate these pastel colors, it is possible to associate them with each other or combine them with neutral shades such as gray or beige. This allows you to create a harmonious balance and not overload the decoration.

Decorative objects such as cushions, rugs and curtains in pastel colors are also an excellent way to adopt this trend without incurring major work. Painting an accent wall or choosing furniture like sofas or chairs in these delicate hues can also transform the feel of a space.

Natural tones

Move on to decoration natural is a necessity to bring serenity and freshness to your interiors. THE natural tones seduce with their ability to create a soothing and elegant atmosphere.

Colors like beige, taupe, olive green or even terracotta fit perfectly into all rooms, offering a soft and warm palette.

To add a touch of sophistication, combine raw materials like wood, linen, or ceramics. These materials harmoniously complete the decoration by emphasizing the natural and authentic side.

  • Beige and cream for a neutral base.
  • Olive green for a vegetal reminder.
  • Terracotta for an earthy atmosphere.
  • Taupe for a touch of timeless elegance.

Furthermore, incorporating indoor plants helps reinforce this spirit of serenity and nature. Plants bring life and color, while purifying the air.

Adopt the natural tones also means playing with textures and surfaces. Jute rugs, linen curtains, recycled wooden furniture: each element contributes to the creation of a harmonious and unpretentious space.

Touches of black

This year, decorating trends highlight bold and elegant colors. Black, often neglected, is establishing itself as an essential shade to add a touch of sophistication to any interior.

Touches of black : Using black sparingly brings character and depth to a room. We find it on elements like window frames, THE door handles or even the chandeliers. A simple tip is to incorporate black accessories, such as cushions, of the throws or some vases, for an elegant effect without weighing down the space.

Walls can also benefit from this trend. A black paint on a section of wall is enough to create a striking contrast, especially when combined with lighter colors like white or beige. For those who want a lighter effect, the black geometric patterns where the wallpapers with black accents offer an interesting alternative.

In the kitchen, black cabinets or one black granite worktop immediately transform the space, making it more modern and sophisticated. Black appliances are also becoming more popular, adding a chic touch to functionality.

Bathrooms are also benefiting from this trend. Integrate black faucets, of the black framed mirrors or even black tiles allows you to give a contemporary look without too much effort.

Finally, don’t forget decorative elements like lamps, THE candle holders where the paintings with hints of black to complete your decoration while remaining in this year’s trend.

Trendy materials

This year, several materials stand out in interior decoration. The use of drink raw and untreated, for example, adds a natural and warm touch to living spaces. Favoring local species allows you to create an interior that is both authentic and ecological.

THE marble, for its part, continues to seduce with its timeless elegance. Used for worktops, tables, or even floors, it brings character thanks to its unique veins.

THE metal, especially brass and copper, is also in vogue. These materials introduce an industrial chic touch and blend perfectly with contemporary or vintage styles. They are found in lighting fixtures, mirror frames, and even in small decorative objects.

For an even more original interior, the polished concrete lends itself to different applications. Whether for wall coverings, floors or furniture, it offers a modern and refined look.

When it comes to textiles, natural fabrics like linen and the cotton organic are very popular. They are appreciated not only for their quality, but also for their low environmental impact. THE printed geometric and ethnic patterns dominate, giving character to cushions, curtains and rugs.

THE materials recycled and reused are also gaining popularity in a more sustainable approach. Wood, glass, and recycled plastic find their place in unique objects, often made in an artisanal manner.

THE rattan and thewicker are coming back in force to bring a bohemian and retro touch. Whether for armchairs, pendant lights or accessories, these materials offer lightness and elegance.

Adopting these trends allows you to create spaces that are both modern and warm, playing with materials and textures for a harmonious and unique look.

Recycled wood

This year, the decor trends emphasize natural and ecological materials. Designers and decoration enthusiasts favor elements that bring warmth and authenticity to interiors. Among them, recycled wood stands out for its rustic character and its environmental commitment.

Recycled wood, in addition to its aesthetic appearance, is a sustainable option that allows you to give a second life to already existing resources. This material fits easily into various interior styles, from Scandinavian to vintage to bohemian. Each piece of recycled wood has a unique story, marked by time.

Some ideas for integrating recycled wood into your interior:

  • Tables and storage furniture made from pallets or old wooden planks
  • Wall panels created with reclaimed wood strips
  • Shelves made from refurbished wooden boxes
  • Photo frames and decorative objects made from recycled wood to add an artistic touch

Recycled wood not only offers an interesting visual appearance, but it also contributes to more environmentally friendly decoration. By choosing reused materials, we help reduce waste and preserve natural resources.

Industrial metals

Adopting decorating trends this year allows you to transform living spaces with modern and stylish touches. The integration of specific materials gives a unique and current character to the interiors.

Materials play a crucial role in interior design. This year, certain subjects are particularly popular.

THE industrial metals are firmly established in decorating trends. Steel, brass, and copper are found in many accessories and furniture. Metal shelves, copper hanging lamps, or even brass coffee tables add a chic and modern touch.

  • The shelves in metal offer stylish storage.
  • The lamps in copper create a warm atmosphere.
  • Coffee tables in brass add a note of elegance.

These metals combine easily with other materials such as raw wood or glass, creating interesting contrasts that energize the interior.

The matte or brushed surfaces of industrial metals provide a clean, contemporary aesthetic. It becomes easy to play with textures and finishes to personalize living spaces.

Artisanal ceramics

This year, natural and authentic materials take pride of place. From trendy materials, there artisanal ceramics particularly stands out. This material seduces with its raw, unique appearance and its numerous possibilities in interior decoration.

There artisanal ceramics can be used in various ways in decoration projects:

  • Wall coverings : Offering texture and character, ceramic tiles bring a touch of authenticity to walls. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom or living room, these coverings offer a wide variety of styles and patterns.
  • Dishes : From plates to cups, including bowls, integrating artisanal ceramics into tableware adds a warm and personal note to meals. Each piece, being made by hand, guarantees originality and singularity.
  • Decorative items : Vases, lamps, figurines… Handcrafted design allows you to beautify interiors while personalizing them. These objects transform into real works of art, adding a unique and elegant decorative touch.

By choosing artisanal ceramics, we are focusing on a durable, eco-responsible and non-standardized material, thus meeting contemporary decoration requirements. Ceramic allows you to combine style and functionality with ease.

Q: What are the trendy colors in decoration this year?

A: The trendy colors in decoration this year are emerald green, terracotta and navy blue.

Q: What materials should I choose for modern decoration?

A: For a modern decoration, favor materials such as metal, marble and light wood.

Q: What are the furniture trends this year?

A: The furniture trends this year are rattan furniture, vintage pieces and modular furniture.

Q: How to integrate the bohemian style into your interior decoration?

A: To integrate the bohemian style into your interior decoration, opt for Berber rugs, ethnic cushions and macramé pendant lights.