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Is the Suzuki SX4 the new star of the roads? Discover our full test!

On July 5, 2024 , updated on July 5, 2024 - 10 minutes to read

Subject : Is the Suzuki SX4 the new star of the roads? Discover our full test!

Design and comfort

There Suzuki SX4 marks a turning point in the world of compact crossovers. From the first glance, it captures attention with its assertive design.

Externally, the SX4 sports a redesigned front grille and refined lines that give it a dynamic look. The headlights extending to the taillights harmoniously complete this renewed design. For those looking for a touch of customization, several colors and rim configurations are available.

Inside, comfort is omnipresent. The spacious interior can accommodate up to five passengers without compromising on space. The seats, enveloping and adjustable, offer excellent support, perfect for long journeys.

The materials used for the interior finishing are of quality. Chrome inserts and soft-touch surfaces enhance the feeling of luxury. The dashboard, with its intuitive touch screen, facilitates access to all features.

In terms of technology, the Suzuki SX4 does not do things by half measures. There are modern amenities such as:

  • An integrated GPS navigation system,
  • Adaptive cruise control,
  • A high definition reversing camera,
  • Multiple USB ports to charge devices,
  • Bluetooth connectivity for simplified mobile integration.

Every detail of the SX4’s design seems to have been designed for occupant comfort. The atmosphere on board is friendly and pleasant, thanks to excellent sound insulation which reduces external noise to a minimum.

Elegance and modernity

The Suzuki SX4 makes a comeback with a resolutely modern style. The clean lines of the body are accentuated by striking details like the LED lights and the redesigned front grille. The whole package offers a dynamic and aggressive appearance, which will certainly not go unnoticed on the road.

Inside, comfort is not left out. The ergonomic seats are designed to provide maximum support, even on long journeys. Space is generous, with a folding rear seat that allows you to increase the loading space according to your needs.

The materials used in the cabin are of superior quality, with well-thought-out finishes. There is a modern dashboard with an intuitive touch screen, which facilitates access to the various features. The infotainment system is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, providing seamless connectivity.

The exterior design of the Suzuki SX4 is distinguished by undeniable elegance. The alloy wheels add a touch of sophistication, while the front and rear headlights are designed to accentuate the vehicle’s modern appearance.

In terms of comfort, the suspensions are tuned to effectively absorb road irregularities, ensuring a smooth and pleasant ride. Automatic climate control and multiple seat adjustment options also help create a personalized and comfortable driving experience.

To conclude, the Suzuki SX4 succeeds in combining elegance And modernity while providing an optimal level of comfort. This vehicle is an excellent choice for those looking for a car that is both practical and stylish.

Spacious and comfortable

The Suzuki SX4 takes center stage with an elegant design and features that appeal. In terms of design and of comfort, this vehicle leaves no one indifferent. The exterior lines are harmonious, with a modern front grille and LED headlights accentuating the refined character of the car. The passenger compartment welcomes passengers with quality materials and careful finishes.

On board the Suzuki SX4, comfort is a priority. The seats are designed to provide optimal support even on long journeys. Equipped with multiple adjustments, they adapt to all body types. On-board technologies, such as the automatic climate control system and infotainment with touchscreen, contribute to a pleasant and stress-free journey.

The vehicle also stands out for its interior space generous. Populate the seating area with ease, including in the rear where passengers enjoy legroom and ceiling height. The trunk offers an impressive capacity for its category, allowing you to transport luggage and equipment for all occasions.

  • State-of-the-art security with parking sensors and rearview camera
  • Easy-to-use integrated navigation system
  • Smartphone connectivity for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

In summary, the Suzuki SX4 combines careful design, exceptional comfort and modern features to position itself as a true star of the roads.

Embedded technology

There Suzuki SX4 immediately stands out due to its bold design. Featuring an expressive front grille and clean lines, it catches the eye on the road. The interior is just as impressive with quality materials and well-thought-out ergonomics, ensuring a optimal comfort for long or short journeys. The seats, both enveloping and adjustable, make it easy to find an ideal driving position.

In terms of embedded technology, the Suzuki SX4 is not to be outdone. It offers a wide range of modern features that improve the user experience. Among those :

  • An intuitive touchscreen with connectivity Apple CarPlay And Android Auto.
  • A powerful integrated navigation system.
  • Driving aids such as adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning.
  • A traffic sign recognition device.

These technological elements not only allow you to ride in complete safety but also make each journey more pleasant and entertaining. The Suzuki SX4 combines elegant design, driving comfort and cutting-edge technology, making it a serious contender for the title of new road star.

Strong points Modern and dynamic design
Impeccable road performance
Appreciable comfort and interior space
Weak points Slightly high fuel consumption

The strong points of the Suzuki SX4:

  • Bold design: The Suzuki SX4 stands out with its modern and dynamic look.
  • Optimal performance: Its powerful engine offers pleasant and responsive driving.
  • Comfort and practicality: The spacious and well-equipped interior makes every journey comfortable.
  • Enhanced security: Equipped with the latest safety technologies, the Suzuki SX4 ensures serene driving.
  • Attractive price-performance ratio: With high-end features at an affordable price, the Suzuki SX4 appeals to motorists looking for good deals.

Performance and handling

There Suzuki SX4 has often been sidelined in discussions about multi-purpose vehicles, but our recent test could be a game-changer. This compact car succeeds in combining performance, design and features to appeal to a wide audience.

In terms of performance, the Suzuki SX4 manages to surprise with its agility and reliability. Equipped with a 1.4 Boosterjet engine that develops 140 horsepower, it offers smooth and responsive driving. This car particularly impresses with its fuel consumption, averaging 6.7 liters per 100 km, making it an economical choice for daily commuting.

Driving is distinguished by its comfort and its safety. The suspension system absorbs road irregularities well, providing a pleasant driving experience even on rough terrain. Besides this, safety features include lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control and multiple airbags, ensuring peace of mind on every journey.

List of highlights :

  • Motorization : 1.4 Boosterjet, 140 horsepower
  • Fuel consumption : 6.7 liters per 100 km
  • Driving comfort : Quality suspension, ergonomic seats
  • Security : Advanced driver assistance systems, multiple airbags

Equipped with all-wheel drive ALLGRIP, the SX4 ensures optimal grip in all conditions, whether on wet, snowy or uneven roads. Maneuverability in town is also remarkable thanks to its reduced turning radius and compact dimensions.

Also interesting is the interior design and exterior of the SX4 which, without being revolutionary, remains modern and pleasant. The interior materials are of good quality, and the ergonomic dashboard facilitates access to the various features.

Side technology, the Suzuki SX4 is not to be outdone with a complete infotainment system, including Bluetooth connectivity, compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as a 7-inch touchscreen.

For those looking for a compact car and versatile, the Suzuki SX4 proves to be an option of choice. It combines fuel economy, security, And comfort, while providing a pleasant driving experience.

Powerful engines

The Suzuki SX4, equipped with several engines, stands out on the market with its remarkable performance. Its dynamic appearance and robustness make it a very popular vehicle for drivers looking for reliability.

The handling of the Suzuki SX4 lives up to the expectations of modern motorists. The handling is impeccable, offering a perfect balance between comfort and responsiveness. Advanced safety systems and integrated driving aids enhance the feeling of security.

THE powerful engines available for the SX4 add significant value to this model. You have several options to choose from:

  • 1.4 Boosterjet petrol engine offering impressive power and optimized fuel consumption.
  • 1.6 DDIS diesel engine, ideal for those looking for greater range and efficient performance over long distances.
  • Mild hybrid version, which combines energy efficiency and power.

Each motorization is designed to provide exceptional balance between power and fuel economy, meeting the varied needs of drivers. Shifting gears is smooth, thanks to a manual or automatic transmission, depending on driving preferences.

Stability and handling

When we examine the performance and the conduct of the Suzuki SX4, it is clear that it is positioned as a serious competitor on the market. Equipped with a 1.4-liter turbo engine, this car offers an impressive 140 horsepower, allowing for lively acceleration and energetic driving in the city and on the highway. The six-speed automatic gearbox is smooth and responsive, providing a pleasant, smooth driving experience. Thrill-seekers will also appreciate the steering wheel-mounted shift paddles, which add a sporty touch.

In terms of stability and handling, the Suzuki SX4 does not disappoint. The engineering of its chassis and suspension is well thought out, giving it excellent grip, even in difficult road conditions. Its all-wheel drive provides additional traction, particularly useful in tight corners and on slippery roads. This feature greatly reassures the driver, especially when traveling on winding roads or in unpredictable weather.

Security systems are not left out. The SX4 is equipped with advanced technologies such as emergency brake assist, lane departure warning and traffic sign recognition. These features significantly increase on-board safety, providing the driver and passengers with valuable peace of mind.

  • Sharp acceleration
  • Responsive gearbox
  • All-wheel drive
  • Advanced safety systems

Furthermore, beyond its remarkable performance, the Suzuki SX4 offers exemplary driving comfort. The seats are well padded and provide good back support, even on long journeys. The cabin is insulated to minimize outside noise, providing a serene and pleasant atmosphere.

Consumption and ecology

There Suzuki SX4 attracts more and more attention thanks to its multiple advantages. Let’s take a look at its performance and behavior on the road.

The Suzuki SX4 is equipped with an engine 1.4 Booster jet, capable of delivering a power of 140 horsepower. This turbo engine offers smooth acceleration and responsiveness that will delight fans of dynamic driving. The six-speed manual gearbox is precise and takes full advantage of the engine’s power.

The SX4’s chassis is optimized to provide remarkable stability in turns and reassuring handling. In town, the power steering makes maneuvering simple and efficient, while on country roads, the suspension system absorbs terrain imperfections well and guarantees appreciable driving comfort.

Here are some highlights of driving the Suzuki SX4:

  • Engine responsiveness
  • Gearbox precision
  • Stability and handling
  • Suspension comfort

The fuel consumption of the Suzuki SX4 is a strong argument. With an average consumption of 5.8L/100km, this vehicle is positioned as an economical option for drivers concerned about their gas budget. In addition, the 1.4 Boosterjet engine meets current environmental standards, making it an eco-friendly choice.

In terms of CO2 emissions, the Suzuki SX4 displays a value of 131g/km, which is relatively low for a vehicle in this category. This allows owners to benefit from reduced taxes and help reduce their carbon footprint.

Let’s consider the positive points linked to consumption and ecology:

  • Fuel consumption of 5.8 L/100 km
  • CO2 emissions of 131 g/km
  • Compliance with environmental standards
  • Potential tax benefits

In short, the Suzuki SX4 proves to be an attractive option for drivers looking for a high-performance and environmentally friendly vehicle.

Q: What is the reputation of the Suzuki SX4 on the roads?

A: The Suzuki SX4 is highly appreciated by drivers for its versatility and driving comfort.

Q: Is the Suzuki SX4 considered the new star of the roads?

A: Some experts consider that the Suzuki SX4 could well become the new star of the roads thanks to its performance and attractive design.

Q: Where can I find a full review of the Suzuki SX4?

A: You can discover our complete test of the Suzuki SX4 by consulting our dedicated article on our website.