Xbox One dimensions: what size to expect?

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  • Dimensions: 3.1″ x 13.1″ x 10.8″
  • Weight : 7.8 pounds
  • Design: Horizontal design
  • Launch : November 2013
  • Features: Games, TV, Skype

discover the dimensions of the xbox one and find information about its size in this detailed article.

The size of a game console is an important element to take into account for its integration into an entertainment space. So, knowing the dimensions of the Xbox One can be helpful before purchasing or installing it. let’s see what size you can expect for this popular gaming console.

check out the xbox one dimensions and find out what size you can expect. Get detailed information about xbox one size here.

The Xbox One is a gaming console with balanced dimensions. Measuring 3.1 inches in height, 13.1 inches in width and 10.8 inches in depth, it weighs approximately 7.8 pounds. Its horizontal design promotes heat dissipation for prolonged gaming sessions without overheating. Launched in November 2013, Xbox One offers an excellent balance of performance and cost compared to the Xbox Series X and Series S. With versatile functionality and unique features, it fits perfectly into many gaming spaces.

Xbox One dimensions

check out the xbox one dimensions and find the exact size you can expect. get all information about xbox one size and specifications here.

There Xbox One is a true marvel of technology and design. Knowing its exact dimensions is essential for planning its location in your play space. With its well-defined specificities, it fits perfectly into many domestic environments.


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Detailed measurements

There Xbox One stands out for its well-balanced dimensions. It measures 3.1 inches (78.7 mm) in height, 13.1 inches (332.7 mm) in width and 10.8 inches (275 mm) in depth. Its weight, around 7.8 pounds (3.54 kg), makes it a stable and well-anchored console.

Design and ventilation

The horizontal designer of the Xbox One not only promotes aesthetics but also heat dissipation. Thanks to better air circulation, it ensures prolonged gaming sessions without overheating.

History and features

There Xbox One was announced in May 2013 and launched in November of the same year. It succeeds the Xbox 360 and is part of the eighth generation of gaming consoles. Versatile, it allows you to play games, watch live television, personalize the home screen and even make Skype calls via TV .

Comparison with other consoles

Compared to other consoles like the Xbox Series The Series X is much more powerful and expensive, while the Series S offers an affordable option but with slightly reduced capabilities.

Fun Facts

  • 📁 The Xbox One S is the first model to include an integrated power supply since the original.
  • 🏙️ An inscription engraved under the console wishes “Hello from Seattle”.
📏 Size 3.1 inches (h), 13.1 inches (w), 10.8 inches (d)
💪 Weight 7.8 pounds
🌬️ Ventilation Horizontal design
📅 Announcement May 2013
🏢 Launch November 2013
💾 Storage 1 TB
📞 Features Games, TV, Skype


Q: How tall is the Xbox One?

A: The Xbox One measures 3.1 inches (78.7 mm) tall.

Q: How much does the Xbox One weigh?

A: The Xbox One weighs approximately 7.8 pounds (3.54 kg).

Q: When did Xbox One launch?

A: It was marketed in November 2013.

Q: How much storage capacity does the Xbox One have?

A: The Xbox One has 1TB of storage space.

Q: What are the advantages of its horizontal design?

A: The horizontal design allows for better air circulation and efficient heat dissipation.