Which Halloween costume will make you the star of the evening?

On July 7, 2024 , updated on July 7, 2024 - 5 minutes to read


  • Article on choosing the ideal Halloween costume
  • Tips for standing out at the party
  • Highlighting current costume trends
  • Creative ideas to impress your friends

Disguise Star of the evening
Witch Classic and timeless, the witch always attracts attention
Zombie With good spooky makeup you will be the center of attention
Vampire Mysterious and seductive air, the vampire will attract all eyes
Catwoman Sexy and fierce, Catwoman will not leave anyone indifferent
Disguise Description
The Joker A timeless classic and still just as scary
The witch A touch of black magic for a captivating evening
The zombie Scary and terrifying, sure to scare everyone
The ghost Simple but effective, a classic that never disappoints

Original costume ideas


Want to shine at the next Halloween party? Here are some ideas for original disguises to cause a sensation and arouse the admiration (or shivers) of your friends.

The vintage couple : Revisit the 1920s as an extravagant Gatsby duo. For her, a fringed dress and a feathered headband. For him, a three-piece suit with a thin tie and a pocket watch. Add accessories like long pearls or a cigar to complete the look.

The cult series character : Television series are full of iconic characters. Opt for a look inspired by “Stranger Things” with a hospital gown to play Eleven, or adopt the style of the members of “La Casa de Papel” with a red jumpsuit and a Salvador Dalí mask.

The quirky superhero : Rather than a classic Superman or Batman, surprise your loved ones with an unconventional superhero costume like Deadpool. Combine a tight red and black outfit with humorous accessories for a result that is both stunning and quirky.

The bright costume : Let your creativity shine with a bright costume. Use LED string lights integrated into your outfit to create a dramatic effect in the dark. An example: a ghost or a robot illuminated for a futuristic and impressive look.

Video game characters : Immerse yourself in the world of video games by playing cult characters. Why not opt ​​for Lara Croft with her famous braids and her adventurer’s arsenal, or for Link from Zelda with his green outfit and his iconic accessories?

Whatever your costume idea, don’t forget to add your personal touch to stand out. Take advantage of the accessories and makeup to perfect your look and make you the real star of the evening!

Chic vampire costume

Do you want to impress friends and cast admiration spells during your Halloween party? You are in the right place ! Discover our original costume ideas to become the star of the event.

For those who want to add a touch of elegance to their Halloween, why not opt ​​for a chic vampire costume ? It combines mystery, sophistication and a small dose of terror. Here’s how to achieve this look brilliantly:

  • Suit : Opt for a black tuxedo or a dark three-piece suit. A red velvet cape lined with black satin is the key element to perfect the aristocratic vampire look.
  • Makeup : Use a very pale foundation for a porcelain complexion. Don’t forget dark circles and blood-red lips for a dramatic effect.
  • Accessories : Red or black contact lenses will add a spooky touch. A Victorian style pendant or a signet ring will add this touch of nobility.
  • Hairdressing : A slicked back hair or slightly messy curls will be perfect to complete this dark look.

With these few tips, you will be ready to elegantly haunt Halloween evenings and seduce all thrill-seekers. Who said horror and chic don’t go well together?

Glamorous witch costume

Looking to stand out at the next Halloween party? No need to put on the eternal cat ears, it’s time to turn to original disguises ! Here are some ideas to shine among the dark and terrifying crowd.

THE witch theme is a Halloween classic but why not take it to another level with a glamorous witch costume ?

  • 1. Elegant black or purple dress in lace or velvet for a sophisticated and captivating look.
  • 2. Decorated black hat feathers, beads or even small LED lamps for a personal touch.
  • 3. Gothic jewelry like choker necklaces, statement rings and dangling earrings for the wow effect.
  • 4. Dramatic makeup with blood red lips Or dark purple to accentuate the mysterious look.

Accessorize with a Magic wand sparkling, matching long gloves and a cape that flutters elegantly behind you with every movement.

Finally, don’t forget the details that kill: long, sharp nails painted black, and a little scented mist to leave an intriguing trace of your passage.

Q: Which Halloween costume will make you the star of the evening?

A: The costume that will make you the star of the evening is the one that highlights you the most and that matches your personality. Don’t hesitate to choose an original costume and add accessories to make a difference!