What are some tips for optimizing space in a small bathroom?

On July 8, 2024 , updated on July 8, 2024 - 5 minutes to read


  • Use wall shelves to maximize storage
  • Opt for multifunctional furniture
  • Use mirrors to visually enlarge the space
  • Choose light colors to bring brightness
  • Use storage baskets to organize products

Tips Text
Use wall shelves Maximize storage space without taking up floor space.
Opt for multifunctional furniture Furniture with built-in storage saves space.
Use mirrors Mirrors can visually enlarge the space and add brightness.
Use storage baskets Helps keep the bathroom tidy by grouping small items together.

1. Use wall shelves

Wall shelves free up floor space and efficiently store your toiletries and accessories.

2. Choose multifunctional furniture

Opt for furniture that integrates several functions, such as a cabinet with mirror or a sink with storage space.

3. Use storage baskets

Storage baskets can be hung on the wall or placed on a shelf to organize your belongings and avoid clutter.

4. Install a large format mirror

A large mirror can appear to visually enlarge the bathroom space, in addition to reflecting natural light.

5. Opt for light colors and efficient lighting

Light colors and good lighting can make a small bathroom feel larger by making it brighter and airier.

Optimize storage

In small bathroom, optimizing storage is essential to maximize available space. An effective way to start is to use multifunctional furniture. For example, a cabinet with a built-in mirror or a vanity unit with drawers can provide additional storage space without cluttering the room.

Install wall shelves to use vertical space. These shelves can accommodate toiletries, folded towels or baskets for organized storage. Small shelves above the door or toilet are often overlooked but very practical places.

THE wall hooks and bars are very useful for hanging towels, bathrobes, brushes and other accessories. You can also consider adhesive hooks if you don’t want to drill into walls.

Consider using the inside of your furniture doors to save space. THE door organizers can be attached to the inside of your cabinet doors to store small items like hairbrushes, cosmetics or jewelry.

THE stackable storage boxes are an ingenious solution for cramped spaces. They help keep your products well-ordered and accessible. Transparent versions allow you to quickly see their contents, making them easier to use.

Finally, don’t forget to choose hanging furniture. By being attached to the wall, they free up floor space, making the room more spacious and easier to clean.

Use storage baskets

When it comes to a small bathroom, optimizing storage is essential to maximize the available space. One of the ingenious tricks is to use storage baskets. These versatile accessories help maintain impeccable organization while adding a decorative touch to your bathroom.

Storage baskets can be placed in various strategic locations to improve storage. For example, above the toilet tank, you can install a shelf on which to place a few baskets. You can also opt for baskets hanging from hooks or wall bars, saving valuable floor space.

Here are some ideas for using storage baskets effectively:

  • Baskets under the sink: Use the space under the sink to slide in baskets, perfect for storing towels, toilet paper, or cleaning supplies.
  • Baskets in drawers: Place small baskets or drawer dividers to organize beauty products, hair accessories or toiletries.
  • Baskets in the shower: Choose water-resistant plastic or metal baskets to store shampoos, shower gels and other skincare products.

Using baskets not only visually cleans the space by avoiding clutter, but also makes it easier to access everyday essential items. By adopting this simple tip, you will effectively optimize the space in your small bathroom.

Install wall shelves

In a small bathroom, it is essential tooptimize space storage to avoid clutter. Install wall shelves is a practical and aesthetic solution to save space.

Wall shelves:

  • Installed above the sink to store toiletries.
  • Positioned above the door to maximize vertical space.
  • Fixed in the corners to use often wasted spaces.

Use storage boxes on the shelves to organize small items such as cotton pads, toothbrushes, or makeup products. Choose boxes of different sizes to fit your needs.

For a harmonious style, opt for wooden or metal shelves that match the rest of your decoration. THE glass shelves are also a good option because they bring visual lightness and do not weigh down the space.

Consider modular shelves which you can adjust according to the height of your products. This is especially useful for shampoo bottles or towels of different sizes.

Also think about shelves with integrated hooks to hang your bath towels or bathrobes, which frees up even more space.

Finally, don’t forget to take advantage of the space under the sink with removable shelves or boxes to store your cleaning products or spare accessories.

Q: How to maximize storage space in a small bathroom?

A: To maximize storage space in a small bathroom, you can install floating shelves, use storage baskets, opt for vertical cabinets and multifunctional furniture, or even hang hooks to hang your towels and accessories.

Q: What are the ideal pieces of furniture for a small bathroom?

A: In a small bathroom, it is recommended to opt for compact and space-saving furniture, such as wall-hung sinks, vanity units with storage drawers, wall shelves or narrow tall units.

Q: How do you create an illusion of space in a small bathroom?

A: To make your small bathroom appear more spacious, you can use mirrors to reflect light and visually enlarge the space, opt for light colors and thoughtful lighting, or favor clean lines and transparent materials.

Q: What accessories are practical for a small bathroom?

A: To maximize space in a small bathroom, you can use wall-mounted soap dishes, wall-mounted soap and shampoo dispensers, drawer organizers, hooks for hanging towels, storage baskets for beauty products, or even extendable rods to hang shower curtains.