Boosting Your Freebox Revolution Connectivity: Amplifying Signal Strength with a WiFi Repeater

On May 5, 2024 , updated on May 5, 2024 - 4 minutes to read

The Importance of a good wifi connection

With the advent of digital technology, the need for a stable and fast internet connection has never been more critical. Whether it’s for working from home, video streaming or online gaming sessions, having a strong WiFi signal in every corner of your home is essential. Fortunately, if you are a Freebox Revolution user, various solutions allow you to optimize your network coverage, and among them, the use of a WiFi repeater is particularly effective.

What is a wifi repeater?

A WiFi repeater, also known as an extender or amplifier, is a device that extends the range of your wireless network. Its main function is to capture the signal emitted by your router or box (in this case, the Freebox Revolution) and rebroadcast it further into your home.

How does a wifi repeater work?

At first glance, a repeater generally appears as a small device that plugs directly into an electrical outlet. This device captures the existing WiFi signal before re-amplifying and rebroadcasting it, allowing for better reception in previously underserved areas.

Why use a repeater for Freebox Revolution?

The Freebox Revolution, despite all its qualities, may have difficulty covering large areas or homes with thick walls. Adding a WiFi repeater can overcome these obstacles by bringing the signal where it’s needed.

Choosing the right wifi repeater for freebox revolution

Choosing the right wifi repeater for freebox revolution

When considering buying a WiFi repeater, it is essential to take into account certain technical aspects that will guarantee its compatibility and effectiveness with your Freebox Revolution.

Compatibility and frequencies

The Freebox Revolution emits WiFi signals on two frequencies: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. It’s a priority to choose a repeater capable of supporting both frequencies for optimal performance. So opt for a dual-band repeater.

WiFi standards

Make sure the extender complies with the latest WiFi standards (at least WiFi 4 (802.11n) or WiFi 5 (802.11ac)). This ensures better transmission speed and greater range.

Transmission speed

Opt for a repeater that offers high transmission speeds, compatible with those offered by the Freebox Revolution, so as not to limit the performance of your connection.


A repeater equipped with the latest security protocols (like WPA3) is best to protect your network from unauthorized access.

Optimal configuration of your wifi repeater

The correct positioning and configuration of your WiFi repeater is fundamental to benefit from a noticeable improvement in your connection.

Repeater Location

Place the repeater halfway between the Freebox and the area to be covered. Avoid major obstacles such as concrete walls or household appliances that could interfere with the signal.


The installation process varies from model to model, but generally includes the use of a dedicated app or setup via a web interface. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully for successful installation.

Synchronization with freebox

For the repeater and the Freebox Revolution to work together, it is necessary to synchronize them. This process can consist of a simple press of a WPS button or more detailed configuration via the Freebox administration interface.

Ensuring optimal repeater performance

Using a WiFi repeater with your Freebox Revolution is only the first step. To maintain optimal performance, regular adjustments and monitoring of network health are recommended.

Firmware updates

From time to time, check whether firmware updates for your extender are available. These updates may fix bugs, improve device security and performance.

Analysis of the network environment

Use WiFi analytics apps to monitor signal strength and detect potential interference, so you can adjust the repeater location if necessary.

Management of wifi channels

Make sure your repeater and Freebox Revolution transmit on separate channels to avoid overlap and interference between signals.

Improving your WiFi connection with a repeater can transform your home Internet experience by providing extended coverage and a strengthened signal. Following the tips above will help you choose the right repeater for the Freebox Revolution and configure it optimally. Furthermore, regular maintenance and management of your home network allows you to maintain a quality connection over time.


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