Mastering the Art of Fitting a Corner Sofa Cover: A Comprehensive Guide

On May 5, 2024 , updated on May 5, 2024 - 2 minutes to read

Transforming the look of your living room has never been easier with corner sofa covers. Not only do they help protect your furniture, but they also give you the opportunity to change your style as you please. Following a few clear, precise steps will make fitting your slipcover much easier, and guarantee a neat, aesthetically pleasing result.

Before you start: preparing and choosing the cover

Before getting started, it’s essential to choose the right slipcover model for your corner sofa. Take the time to accurately measure each segment of the sofa to avoid any setbacks during installation. Choose a cover that’s hard-wearing, easy to care for, and whose fabric matches your expectations in terms of comfort and aesthetics.

Step 1: Clean and remove cushions

Start by thoroughly cleaning your sofa. This will prevent the accumulation of dust between the cover and the sofa. Then remove the seat and back cushions to facilitate the next step.

Step 2: installing the slipcover base

Take the main part of your slipcover and identify the front from the back. Draped over the sofa, it should cover the entire structure. Use elastic straps or ties supplied by the manufacturer to hold the slipcover in place, insisting on the corners for a neat finish.

Step 3: alignment and adjustment

Match the lines of the slipcover to the contours of your sofa. Slip excess fabric into the gaps to mark shapes and corners. If necessary, use foam rollers or sticks to hold the fabric in the crevices and prevent the slipcover from shifting.

Step 4: Laying out the cushions

After covering the cushions individually, place them back on the sofa. Some models feature fasteners or clips to secure the cushions to the base and prevent them from moving.

Tips for a perfect finish

Conseils pour un rendu impeccable

  • Choose the right fabric: Stretch materials such as spandex or polyester offer greater adaptability to the unique shapes of each corner sofa.
  • Bepatient: Don’t rush things, and take the time to fit the cover properly for a wrinkle-free result.
  • Regular care: To keep your slipcover looking like new, follow the washing instructions carefully.

Rejuvenating your corner sofa is a simple process that can metamorphose the ambience of your interior. Careful installation of the sofa slipcover will ensure a successful change of scenery and protect your furniture for many years to come.


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