Mastering the Slopes: Essential Snowscoot Techniques for Beginners

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The snowscoot, this hybrid between mountain biking and snowboarding, is gaining popularity among winter sports enthusiasts. Combining thrills and the discovery of new slopes, it nevertheless requires learning fundamental techniques in order to guarantee pleasure and safety on the slopes. For novices, starting off on a good basis is essential to quickly master this new way of hitting the slopes. Here is an overview of the essential techniques to acquire.

History and presentation of the snowscoot

The snowscoot saw the light of day during the 90s, an invention attributed to Frenchman Franck Petoud. Its unique design, reminiscent of a scooter with its footboard fixed on two skis, allows you to slide on the snow while offering additional freedom of movement compared to skiing or snowboarding.

Equipment and Safety

To start snowscooting, it is best to equip yourself properly. So bring a helmet, back protectors, wrists and knees, as well as clothing suitable for the mountain climate. Regularly checking your equipment is essential to avoid any incidents.

Basic snowscoot techniques

Body positioning

The balance: The basis of snowscooting, good balance is essential. It rests on a slightly bent position, knees flexible and feet well anchored on the boards to remain centered in all situations.

Arm position: Imagine holding a steering wheel. The handlebar grips are there to stabilize your steering but should not be used to hold on desperately. Keep your arms flexible and ready to absorb variations in the terrain.

Mastery of direction

Turn: To initiate a snowscoot turn, tilt your body slightly to the desired side and gradually turn the handlebars. Timing these movements with the weight shift is crucial.

Carving: Like snowboarding, snowscoot carving is the art of carving precise curves on the snow. It involves switching from edge to edge while maintaining constant pressure on the boards for optimal control.

Safe braking

Snow plow braking: A method favored by beginners, the snow plow consists of widening the rear board while bringing the front board closer, forming a “V”, to gradually brake.

Emergency braking: If you need to stop quickly, it is sometimes necessary to stop abruptly. To do this, the practice of ‘powerslide’, which combines tight turns and controlled skidding, is recommended.

Advanced techniques

Jumps: Once you have control of the snowscoot, you can start experimenting with jumps. The impulse must come from the legs and the landing must be done smoothly, boards parallel to the slope, with knees bent.

The switch: Switch riding means heading in the opposite direction to the natural position. This technique requires good snowscoot control and excellent spatial awareness.

Tips for progressing on a snowscoot

Tips for progressing on a snowscoot

Patience and perseverance: As with all learning, it is essential not to rush. Mastering basic techniques takes time and regular practice.

Classes with an instructor: Taking advantage of the experience of an instructor can accelerate learning. The latter will be able to correct your errors and give you personalized advice.

Regular training: Practice makes perfect. Increase the number of descents and vary the terrain to develop your adaptability and comfort on the snowscoot.

Video analysis: Filming yourself or being filmed during your practice then allows you to analyze your movements to be aware of your mistakes and areas for improvement.

The warm-up: Before any sliding session, a good warm-up conditions your muscles for exercise and reduces the risk of injury.

Practice snowscoot while respecting other users

Practice snowscoot while respecting other users

Snowscooting, although an individual sport, is practiced in a shared environment with other mountain enthusiasts. Respect for priority rules and courtesy on the slopes allow everyone to enjoy the mountains peacefully. Always be aware of your surroundings and adjust your speed accordingly.

The snowscoot, with its specific techniques and its unique approach to skiing, promises great sensations for winter sports lovers. The integration of sound advice and the best possible knowledge of the technology can be found in the sports sector. Perseverance and open-mindedness are your best allies in becoming a snowscoot enthusiast. Remember that every descent is an opportunity to learn and have fun. Enjoy discovering and exploring the intricacies of this fascinating sport.


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