Unveiling the Latest Mid-Season Jacket Trends: Stay Chic & Comfy!

On May 5, 2024 , updated on May 5, 2024 - 10 minutes to read
découvrez les dernières tendances de la gamme de vestes pour la mi-saison et trouvez le style qui vous convient avec notre sélection variée de couleurs, coupes et matières de qualité.

Discover the fashion must-haves for mid-season with our analysis of the latest jacket trends. Tips and recommendations for a fashion-forward look await you!

Lightweight, breathable fabrics for optimal comfort

Discover the latest mid-season jacket trends and find your ideal style from our wide range of choices.

Lightweight, breathable fabrics for everyday comfort

Lightweight, breathable fabrics are essential to ensure optimal everyday comfort. Whether for busy days at the office, relaxing moments at home or outings with friends, choosing airy materials is an excellent way to feel good in your clothes.

Versatile and practical: linen

Linen is a natural material known for its lightness and breathability. Ideal for summer temperatures, linen is also appreciated during mid-seasons for its ability to regulate body heat. Opting for linen pieces, like blouses or pants, allows you to stay comfortable throughout the day.

The elegance of cotton

Cotton is an essential fabric for a comfortable wardrobe. Soft and pleasant to the touch, cotton is perfect for tops, dresses or skirts. Its ability to absorb humidity makes it an ideal ally for facing hot days with complete peace of mind.

The modern look of Tencel

Tencel, made from eucalyptus wood fibers, is an ecological and trendy alternative. This fabric combines lightness, softness and resistance. Tencel jackets are perfect for completing an outfit in style while remaining comfortable.

The chic of modal

Modal, derived from beech wood cellulose, is a silky and fluid fabric. Appreciated for its softness and ability to stay cool, modal is ideal for stylish and comfortable tops. A perfect option for a refined look without compromising on well-being.

In conclusion, opting for light and breathable fabrics is the key to feeling good in your clothes every day. Whether for casual or more formal occasions, choosing comfortable materials ensures impeccable style without compromising on comfort. Make your wardrobe an ally of your well-being!

Bright and pastel colors to brighten up your outfit

discover the trends of the mid-season jacket collection and find your ideal style with our varied selection.

Spring-Summer Trends: Bright Colors in Sight

Already present at the most prominent fashion shows, bright colors are making a comeback for the coming season. From lemon yellow to fuchsia pink and electric blue, these dynamic shades will brighten up your wardrobe. Dare to use color and bring a touch of good humor to your everyday outfits.

Focus on Pastels for a Note of Softness

If bright colors cause a sensation, pastel tones are not left out. Soft shades such as powder pink, sky blue or mint green will also be very present in future collections. These colors will bring a note of freshness and delicacy to your spring looks.

Bold Combinations for a Unique Look

Dare to make unexpected combinations by mixing bright colors and pastel tones. For example, pair bright yellow pants with a powder pink top for an original and trendy contrast. Don’t be afraid to play with colors to create unique and personalized outfits.

Colorful Accessories: the Final Touch

For those who prefer to remain discreet in their clothing choices, colorful accessories will be perfect for gently adopting the trend. Opt for a bag or shoes in bright or pastel shades to add a touch of color to a more sober outfit. Accessories are a great way to experiment with colors without taking too many risks.

Conclusion: Dare to use color!

This summer, whether you are a fan of bright colors or pastel tones, the important thing is to dare to use color to bring joy and creativity to your style. Don’t hesitate to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with new combinations for a fresh and bold look. Let your creativity and personality speak through your wardrobe, and above all, have fun with fashion!

Trendy floral patterns and geometric prints

Spring-Summer Trends: A Festival of Colors and Patterns

Floral patterns and geometric prints are undoubtedly at the top of the fashion trends of the spring-summer season. Whether you’re a fan of romantic style or prefer a more structured look, these designs offer a wide range of possibilities for refreshing your wardrobe.

Elegant Flowers: Floral Patterns

Floral patterns bring a touch of freshness and femininity to any look. Whether small, discreet flowers or large, colorful patterns, floral prints are available endlessly on dresses, blouses, pants and even accessories. Opt for a long floral dress for a bohemian chic look or for a floral blouse for a romantic, springtime touch.

Structured Geometry: Geometric Prints

For fans of a more modern and graphic style, geometric prints are the perfect answer. Whether striped patterns, abstract shapes or geometric lines, these prints bring a note of boldness and dynamism to your outfit. You can go for a total look with a coordinated set or simply add a geometric touch with an accessory like a bag or earrings.

Unexpected Combinations

One of the big trends this season is mixing floral patterns and geometric prints. Dare to be original by pairing a floral skirt with a graphic patterned blouse or layering a geometric cardigan over a floral dress. Let your creativity speak and play with contrasts for a unique and stylish look.

Accessorize Your Outfit

For those who don’t yet dare to wear floral or geometric patterns on their clothes, accessories are a perfect alternative. Opt for patterned shoes, a colorful bag or original jewelry to add a touch of fantasy to your outfit. Floral and geometric patterns also lend themselves very well to accessories, so don’t hesitate to adopt them.

In today’s fashion world, floral patterns and geometric prints are essential to adopt for a trendy and sparkling look. Whether you wear them all-over or in small touches, these patterns will bring a dose of freshness and modernity to your wardrobe. So, don’t be afraid to dare with prints this season and make your outfit a true hymn to color and creativity.

Oversized jackets for a casual and modern style

Oversized jackets: a must-have for a trendy look

Oversized jackets have become a staple of modern wardrobes, bringing casual, on-trend style to any outfit. Whether for an outing with friends or a day at the office, these jackets offer comfort and style in all circumstances.

The perfect combination of comfort and style

With their loose cut and flowing drape, oversized jackets allow great freedom of movement, ideal for tackling busy days while remaining stylish. Paired with skinny jeans and sneakers, they create a balanced contrast that adds a touch of originality to your look.

Variety of models and materials to suit all tastes

Whether you prefer denim, leather, velvet or even wool, oversized jackets come in a variety of materials to suit your preferences and personal style. From structured cuts to more fluid models, there is something for all tastes and all occasions.

Accessorizing for a touch of elegance

To perfect your outfit, don’t hesitate to accessorize your oversized jacket with a belt to highlight the waist, or with large jewelry for a sophisticated touch. A pair of heeled ankle boots or loafers will add the finishing touch to a look that is both casual and modern.

Adopt the trend without further delay

Whether you are a fan of streetwear, chic or bohemian style, the oversized jacket will adapt to your desires and enhance your outfit in the blink of an eye. Don’t hesitate any longer and add this essential item of clothing to your wardrobe for a look that is both casual and modern, in all seasons.

Reversible designs for added versatility

Current Trends in Reversible Jackets

Reversible jackets have become a fashion staple this season. They offer the ability to change your style in an instant, going from a sophisticated to a casual look in the blink of an eye. These versatile models are increasingly appealing to fashion lovers looking for practicality and originality.

The Advantages of Reversible Jackets

1. Versatility : With a reversible jacket, you have two looks in one. This is the perfect opportunity to express different facets of your style in one outfit.

2. Space saving : By owning a reversible jacket, you save space in your wardrobe by getting two options with one garment.

3. Ease of Maintenance : Reversible jackets are generally easy to care for, making them practical pieces for everyday use.

The Latest Trends in Reversible Models

1. Contrasting Prints : The reversible jackets are adorned with contrasting prints for a striking visual effect. Floral, geometric or animal patterns add a touch of originality to these versatile pieces.

2. Innovative Materials : Designers rely on innovative materials for reversible jackets, combining comfort, resistance and aesthetics. Leather, denim or corduroy are particularly suitable for this type of clothing.

3. Fine Finishes : The finishing details make all the difference on a reversible jacket. Zippers, snap buttons, piped pockets and even a shirt collar add a sophisticated touch to these models.

How to Wear a Reversible Jacket in Style

1. Subtle Contrast : For an elegant look, opt for a reversible jacket with a sober side and a more daring side. Wear it open to show off the contrast in a subtle way.

2. Mix of Materials : Play with materials by combining your reversible jacket with pieces with varied textures. For example, pair a quilted leather jacket with velvet pants for a trendy effect.

3. Accessorization : Accessorize your reversible jacket with fine jewelry, a colorful scarf or an original belt to personalize your outfit and make it unique.

Reversible jackets are therefore key pieces to add to your wardrobe for a modern, practical and trendy style. Opt for versatility and originality by adopting this key garment of the season!

Cord and button details for a touch of originality

Stand out with original details

Drawstrings and buttons are essential elements in the design of mid-season jackets. They can bring a touch of originality and style to your outfits. Find out how to play with these details to stand out this fall.

Colorful cords for a bold look

Opt for colored cords for a touch of sparkle on your jacket. Whether it’s a bright red, mustard yellow or electric blue, colorful cords add a bold note to your outfit. Combine them with neutral colors for a striking contrast or dare to go for a total colorful look for an original style.

Fancy buttons for a unique look

Buttons are small details that can make all the difference. Choose fancy buttons to add a touch of originality to your jacket. Animal-shaped buttons, vintage buttons or rhinestone buttons, let your creativity run wild. They will give character to your outfit and will attract all eyes.

Drawstring for a personalized silhouette

Jackets with drawstrings allow you to adjust the size and silhouette according to your wishes. Play with this cord to create a personalized cut that will highlight your figure. Tighten it to highlight your waist or leave it loose for a casual style. The drawstring adds a practical and aesthetic dimension to your jacket.

Asymmetrical buttons for a modern look

For a touch of modernity, opt for asymmetrical buttons. These offset buttons bring subtle originality to your jacket. Play with shapes, sizes and colors for a unique visual effect. The asymmetrical buttons are perfect for breaking away from sobriety and bringing a contemporary touch to your outfit.

By playing with the details of cords and buttons, you can transform a simple jacket into a centerpiece of your wardrobe. Don’t hesitate to experiment and mix styles to create unique and original looks. Details make all the difference, so let your creativity run wild and assert your style with original cords and buttons.


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